• Be on time. This is important as we will be operating a secure entry system (as usual) but as we are working at a limited capacity there will be no “waiting” area and we ask you to remain outside or in your car until Paul sends you a text to enter.  Over 15 minutes late and Paul may have to cancel or cut service short. (see cancellation policy)

  • Come alone. Inc.Children (sorry) In order to limit contact as much as possible we are asking you to come alone.*

  • Santise! Upon entry at Proform Aesthtic Clinic there is 70% alchohol sanitiser. Use it.

  • Bag it up. To limit staff coming into contact with your personal items we have provided white carrier bags (also hanging by the door) for you to pop your jacket/keys/wallet/purse into. This will remain with you throughout your time at the clinic.

  • Face coverings. Masks/face coverings are now a legal requirement in ALL shops/close contact services.  A disposable mask can be provided at additional cost.

  • Respect social distancing. Just do it. We will work together to stagger entry/exit of our clients. Please sanitise on exit too, just to be safe!


At this time all magazines/reading materials have been removed and we will not be serving any Tea or Coffee and ask that no food be consumed within the clinic. Please bring your own if you like a wee read.


You CAN bring your own water, juice, tea or coffee but these can only be consumed when you are not being serviced.


We will update our guidelines in accordance with the Scottish Government HOWEVER if we feel that the guidelines are too relaxed we will continue what we believe is in you and our best interests.


We ask that you respect our comfort levels and we will respect yours.



Paul Callaghan Hair understands that sometimes schedules change and therefore requests at least 48 hours notice when cancelling or rescheduling your appointment.


Appointments cancelled within 24 hours or for which clients are a “No-Show” for will incur a charge of 50% of the service amount to be added to your next appointment or requested via Bank Transfer. Additionally future appointments will require a non-refundable booking fee.


Please note that if you are over 15 minutes late for your appointment we may have to reschedule your service if it cannot be completed in the remaining time frame - alternatively your appointment may be cut short to compensate, but will be charged at 100%.


If Paul Callaghan Hair does not hear from you 15 or more minutes into your scheduled appointment time it is considered a “No-Show”. No exceptions.


Should Paul need to cancel on a client due to unsafe weather conditions, power outages, or other unforeseen events with less than 24 hours notice he will honor 20% off your next identical service and do all he can to reschedule your appointment in a timely manner.

Does not apply to any abesences in relation to Covid-19.


At Paul Callaghan Hair we understand that accidents and emergencies happen that can prevent 48/24 hour notice for cancelling or rescheduling your appointment.


By accepting an appointment with Paul Callaghan Hair you are accepting the above cancellation policy.


@paulcallaghanhair is based within the gorgeous Proform Aesthetic Clinic.

698 Cathcart Road 

G42 8ES