shit happens right?  we get it and fully understand that life can get in the way.  all we ask is for atleast 48 hours notice so Paul Callaghan Hair can try and refill the space.

last minute cancellations will be charged at 50% of the booked service and must be paid via bank transfer.  failure to do so will result in every future appoinment being cancelled and the records we hold being removed on our system.

exeptional circumstances will be considered and we obviously encourage you to cancel if you are unwell or have symptoms of covid. 


in most industries out of hours, bank holidays and overtime are financially rewarded.

we've decided to implement a late night/early morning and out of hours (Monday, Wednesday & Sunday) rate.

early bird (between 7-9.30am) - additional £25*

evenings (between 5.30-7pm) - additional £25*

out of office (Mon/Wed/Sun) - additional £50*

*fee will be taken via bank transfer when booking the appointment.


a non refundable booking fee of £30 will be required to secure appointments for new clients or repeat offenders of the cancellation policy lol. see above.


all vouchers are recorded on date of purchase and have a 12month expiry.  this is to prevent any fraudulent sales of e-vouchers or any fake copies.  only one e-voucher can be used per appointment per person.